The performance triad

About half of each meal should ideally consist of fruits and vegetables.

The performance triad

What is the Performance Triad? The Performance Triad is a comprehensive U. Army initiative that gets back to the basics of health: It is being rolled out as part of the System for Health and is designed to build and sustain Soldier health in order to optimize personal and unit performance, resilience, and readiness.

Soldiers should focus on all three components of the triad equally.

The performance triad

It includes educational resources and technological tools for both leaders and soldiers. Soldiers learn to train like elite athletes—and this resilience training is a key aspect of military education from the time a Soldier starts until the time of separation or retirement from the Army and beyond.

Components of the triad will be rolled out over the next year, so keep your eye out for more information to be added to the initiative. What are the three focal areas of the Triad?

The Triad focuses on three critical components of performance: Sleep Sleep seven to eight hours every day. Finish physical activity three hours before bedtime.

Stop consuming caffeine six hours before bedtime. Seek help if you have sleep problems for more than two weeks. Physical Activity Vary workouts and include strength, endurance, balance, agility and coordination Warm up. Walk 10, steps a day.The Performance Triad program supports the Army's Ready and Resilient Campaign with the intention to motivate individuals, units and families to be their best.

When Soldiers and families focus on creating good habits of sleep, activity, and nutrition they are more likely to sustain peak performance. Performance Triad shared HPRC - Human Performance Resource Center's post. HPRC - Human Performance Resource Center Time has changed, and daylight will be shorter during fall and winter.

In Army Medicine launched the Performance Triad to maintain, restore and improve health through making informed choices. This holistic approach to health systems focuses on three key foundations that influence a person’s health – sleep, activity and nutrition. – A new Army Wellness Center on Fort Benning opens Jan.

30 and will focus on the Maneuver Performance Triad to implement a comprehensive fitness strategy that emphasizes the performance and health of Soldiers, family members, trainees and DA civilians.

Performance Triad Sleep, nutrition and physical activity, these are the three pillars of the Performance Triad, Army Medicine’s initiative to encourage Soldiers, family members, retirees and civilians to embrace lifestyle choices that build a healthier, fitter Army.

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