Pdhpe health essay

Pdhpe Health Essay Pdhpe Health Essay The word health means such different things to different people that it is difficult to define. It is used to explain not only a feeling of wellness, but a lack of illness. For example, the feeling of well-being for a teenage may be different to the feeling of a year-old diabetic.

Pdhpe health essay

Let us explore each one of these. Physical Health This is probably the easiest to define and yet it is sometimes the most difficult to understand. Physical health can be defined as a state in which all the body parts are anatomically intact and are performing their physiological functions perfectly and harmoniously.

It is a very simplistic definition, but it basically covers everything like: All the body parts should be there All of them are in their natural place and position None of them has any pathology All of them are doing their physiological functions properly And they work with each other harmoniously This may seem a bit idealistic to some, but here we are talking about the ideals.

But even this definition does not cover it all. Let me give an example. There are lots of people around us who catch a cold with every change of season or with every sudden change of temperature. Now in common parlance, we say that these people have low immunity. But the fact is that most of these people have normal blood counts and normal immunological tests.

So when these people are not down with cold they are in perfect health as per the above definition. And yet they are not perfectly healthy. Their system breaks down with every stressful condition. So we can add another aspect to the above definition of physical health: The anatomical and functional integrity of the body parts and systems should be maintained under moderate stress.

Now a bit more tricky part. Read the following statement carefully. It is a normal phenomenon to occasionally get a cold, a fever, or a stomach bug. There is nothing wrong in getting an occasional acute ailment. It is quite natural and also good for our immune system.

Occasional sickness keeps our immune system in a ready state. But you might have seen many people around you, who never seem to get an acute illness. People who have never had a cold or never had a fever in ten years. Not all of these people are healthy. In fact many of these people are more ill than their counterparts who keep getting their occasional acutes.

The fact is that these people do get affected by environmental factors and other stresses. But the result of these forces is not seen on physical plane. Such people are more affected on the mental and emotional plane. If you want to cross-check my statement, then go to a mental asylum and enquire about the rate of prevalence of acute ailments.

You will find it extremely low. Now let us move on to the mental health. Mental Health When we talk about mind, we basically refer to our capability to perceive, comprehend, think, judge, and remember — the intellectual and reasoning faculties. Now pause for a moment and think.

People whose perceptions are delusional. Think about the people around you who need to be told everything twice before they understand you. Think about the people who either do not think at all thoughtless ones or who think too much.

Pdhpe health essay

People who take wrong decisions even when facts are against their decision. And then think about the children at school who do not seem to remember anything. And the housewife who looks for her specs while wearing them on her nose. I do not intend to say that all such people are mentally ill.

But many of them are. Not everyone can have the same level of mental faculties, but these signs do show that these people are not in their optimum mental health. I will not talk here about the mental sickness that takes some of us to asylums. My focus here is on the concept of mental health and not on mental sickness.

Although they are totally related but there is a difference of degrees.and consequences related to health issues Use the attached marking criteria, ALARM guide, outcomes to be assessed and essay scaffold guide to assist you in completing this task.

students will also receive an N-Award Warning for PDHPE. If you are going to be away for some particular reason, the task must be submitted prior to the due. chapter ho does the ACQUISITION OF SKILL affect performance?

The ability of individuals to experience, learn and refine motor skills greatly affects their ability to PDHPE. Application and Inquiry. feelthefish.com 11/9/09 PM. A. skill. Essay Flashcards. 5 terms. English Essay. PDHPE Factors Affecting Performance Syllabus.

Pdhpe health essay

17 terms. 12 PDHPE Core 1 Identifying Health Priority Issues. 11 terms. 12 PDHPE Core 1 Australia's Health Care System. 7 terms. 12 PDHPE Core 1 Actions to Address Australia's HPI's. Features. Quizlet . Aug 09,  · This video demonstrates explains how to plan your HSC PDHPE exam answers quick Skip navigation Health Care in Australia How to write a good essay - .

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The Concept of Health. What is health?

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How do you define it? * Health is a state of being free from any disease. * Health is a state of perfect harmony between all the organs and systems of the body.

Or is there more to health? Let us explore.

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education: Part A