Internet can be more harmful than helpful

Matthew Solan Executive Editor, Harvard Men's Health Watch One of the easiest, and maybe most effective, ways to gauge your health can be done in 30 seconds with two fingers.

Internet can be more harmful than helpful

Transcript Why is high dietary intake of saturated fat is associated with reduced semen quality?

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Well a significant percentage the saturated fat intake in the study was derived from dairy products, and residues of industrial chemicals may bioaccumulate up the food chain into cow fat, and some of these lipophilic chemicals may have hormone-disrupting abilities.

The EPA performed a national survey of persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic pollutants in the U. They tested milk from all over the country and found a witches brew of chemicals. And like dioxin, other toxic pollutants tend to be widely dispersed in the environment, bioaccumulated through the food chain and ultimately result in low-level contamination in most animal fats.

This may explain higher pollutant concentrations in fish eaters. Xenoestrogens like PCBs are associated with the fats of fish or animal flesh and cannot be fully removed by washing and cooking, and so can accumulate in our fat too. Xenoestrogens are chemicals with demasculinizing or feminizing effects, but even in a nonpolluted world animal foods have actual estrogen, not xeno estrogen, but estrogen-estrogens, which are unavoidable constituents in non-vegetarian nutrition.

All foodstuff of animal origin contains oestradiol, which is at least 10,fold more potent than most xenoestrogens, and dietary exposure—meat, dairy products and eggs—to these natural sex steroids is therefore highly relevant since the hormones in these animals are identical to our own.

Estrogens are also contained in meat and eggs, but the major sources are milk and dairy products.

Internet can be more harmful than helpful

Though cheese intake has been associated with lower sperm concentration, dairy food intake has also been associated with abnormal sperm shape and movement, so this suggests that dairy intake may be implicated in direct testicular damage, and not just a potential suppression of sperm production due to the estrogen.

While milk products supply most of our ingested female sex steroids, eggs are a considerable source as well, contributing about as much as meat and fish. Meat may also come hormone-enriched. This study in New York found a progressively lower sperm count associated with processed meat consumption, but similar studies in Europe after the ban found the same thing, so it may not be the implanted hormones, but rather a consequence of other things in meat such as the saturated fat, perhaps through cholesterol.

In the largest study to date higher levels of cholesterol in the blood was associated with a significantly lower percentage of normal sperm. Cholesterol was also associated with reductions in semen volume and live sperm count. These results highlight the role of fats in the blood in male fertility, and should be of concern given the rising prevalence of obesity and cholesterol problems.

Though a healthier diet may be associated with healthier sperm counts, cholesterol-lowering statin drugs did not seem to help. To see any graphs, charts, graphics, images, and quotes to which Dr. Greger may be referring, watch the above video.


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Social Networking Sites and Children: Helpful or Harmful?Social Networking Sites are one of the most popular applications for people to use.

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These social networking sites are usually focused on different kinds of relationships, for example, LinkedIn for professionals, . Is the internet more harmful than helpful?

The internet can be helpful in some ways. It is available as a resource for school, communication, shopping, and promoting things. Also, It makes everything very convenient for people to get things done. However, the internet allows cyberbullying, leads to sleep deprivation, and is very dangerous.

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Jan 31,  · Internet, Brings More Harm Than Good Internet, brings more harm than good I wanna rebute the first speaker of negative team that said: Internet is important for our life because it provides unlimited. UpToSpeed™ is iolo's ongoing article series written by PC experts for everyday computer users.

Internet can be more harmful than helpful

Each article is packed with easy tips and practical advice on the latest issues affecting computers to help you get the most out of your PC. A web search engine is a software system that is designed to search for information on the World Wide search results are generally presented in a line of results, often referred to as search engine results pages (SERPs).

The information may be a mix of web pages, images and other types of search engines also mine data available in databases or open directories. Jan 12,  · The Internet is more harmful than helpful because of the negative effects on children, teens, and adults. The Internet constrains the brain from developing the ability to memorize data, is a place where misinformation is abundant, and .

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