How to write a wish list to santa

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How to write a wish list to santa

Students will be able to use invented spelling to compose a wish list to Santa. Introduction 5 minutes Tell students that today they will be doing something that kids have been doing for over one hundred years.

Explain that they will be writing a list of Christmas wishes for Santa Claus. Ask students to raise their hand if they have ever written a wish list to Santa. Ask them to share what types of things were on their lists. Explain to students that their wish lists will be a list of things they would like from Santa this year.

Explain to students that as they are writing their lists they will be using invented spelling. Remind students that using invented spelling means making their best guess about spelling words using what they know about letters and letter sounds.

Number the chart paper from one through five. Explain to students that they will be writing one item on the line next to each number. Have students turn to a neighbor and share one idea from their wish list and to give you a thumbs up when they are done sharing. Call on a volunteer to come up to the chart paper to share one of their ideas.

Support the student to use invented spelling by helping them stretch their word out, isolate sounds, and write the sounds they hear on the chart paper.

Have students share the pen by calling on another volunteer to come up to the chart paper to write their idea on the wish list. Continue this process until all five spaces on the wish list have been filled in.

Allow students to select which list template they would like to work with one has images of robots, cars, and footballs, and the other template has images of dolls, cats, and jewelry boxes.

Hand out worksheets and have students complete them independently. Walk around the room to support students with their invented spelling. Give students the option to incorporate drawing into their list writing if they are having difficulty with letter sounds and letter writing.

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Encourage students to write using complete sentences. Assessment 10 minutes Distribute whiteboards to each student. Ask for a volunteer to name one of the items from their wish list. Model for the students how to stretch out the word, isolate the sounds, and write down the letters that they hear on their whiteboards.

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Continue calling on volunteers to name items from their wish lists. Ask students to independently use invented spelling to write the name of this item on their whiteboards. Ask students to hold up their whiteboards after writing so that you can check their use of invented spelling.

Review and closing 5 minutes Show students a large envelope. Tell students that you will put all of their wish lists in the envelope to mail to the North Pole, which is where Santa lives.

Write the address for your school in the top left corner, and explain to students that this is where you write your address in case the letter cannot be delivered to Santa and has to be returned.

Write Santa Claus and his address in the center of the envelope, and explain that this is where you write the address of the person to whom you are sending your letter.

Show students the stamp, and explain that this is how you pay for your letter to be delivered.Write a Letter to Santa. First Name Parent's Email Letter to Santa.

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I . Wish List. Share the joy. 34 ; You can post your wish list for Santa Claus here, Santa reviews the list here but does not respond to these lists. If you wish a response from Santa Claus, just drop him an email: [email protected] 30 days, 4 hours until Christmas!

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how to write a wish list to santa

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