How to write a spiritual book

How to Write a Preface an November 7, Are you thinking about writing a preface for your book or have you been asked to write a foreword? A preface is a brief introduction written by the author, as opposed to a foreword, which is an introduction written by another person that usually comes before the preface.

How to write a spiritual book

Ignatius of Loyola and written originally in Spanish. The text The autograph how to write a spiritual book of this "Spiritual Exercises" has unfortunately been lost.

What is at present called the "autograph" is only a quarto copy made by a secretary but containing corrections in the author's handwriting.

It is now reproduced by phototypy Rome, Two Latin translations were made during the lifetime of St. The antiqua versio is dated by the copyist "Rome, 9 July, "; the vulgate version is later thanbut earlier thanwhen the two versions were together presented to Paul III for approval.

how to write a spiritual book

The pope appointed three examiners, who praised both versions warmly. The Vulgatemore carefully executed from a literary point of view, was only chosen for printing, and was published at Rome on 11 September,under the simple title: This princeps edition was also multiplied by phototypy Paris, Besides these two Latin translations there exist two others.

One is the still unpublished text left by Bl. Peter Faber to the Carthusians of Cologne before ; it holds a middle place between the literal version and the Vulgate. The second is a new literal translation by Father Roothaantwenty-first general of the Society of Jesuswho, on account of the differences between the Vulgate and the Spanish autograph, wished to retranslate the "Exercises" into Latin, as accurately as possible, at the same time making use of the versio antiqua.

His intention was not to supplant the Vulgateand he therefore published the work of Frusius along with his own in parallel columns The Spanish autograph text was not printed until long after the Vulgateby Bernard de Angelis, secretary of the Society of Jesus Rome, ; it has often been republished.

The most noteworthy English versions are: With Approbation of Superiours. Translated from the Authorized Latin; with extracts from the literal version and notes of the Rev. Father Rothaan [sic] by Charles Seager, M.

Reader Interactions

The reader of the "Exercises" need not look for elegance of style. Astrain, "writes in coarse, incorrect, and laboured Castilianwhich only at times arrests the attention by the energetic precision and brevity with which certain thoughts are expressed.

Composition of the exercises The book is composed of documents or spiritual exercises, reduced to the order most fitted to move the minds of the faithful to pietyas was remarked in the Brief of approval. We find in this work documents instructions, admonitions, warningsexercises prayersmeditations examination of conscienceand other practicesand the method according to which they are arranged.

The sources of the book are the Sacred Scriptures and the experiences of spiritual life. Ignatius indeed was little by little prepared by Divine Providence to write his book. From the thoughts which precede his conversionthe progress of his repentance, the pious practices which he embraces at Montserrat and at Manresa helped to give him a knowledge of asceticism.

His book is a work lived by himself and later on lived by others under his eyes. But a book so lived is not composed all at once; it requires to be retouched, corrected, and added to frequently.

how to write a spiritual book

These improvements, which neither Polanco nor Bartoli hide, are revealed by a simple examination of the Spanish text, where along with the Castilian there are found Latin or Italian expressions together with Scholastic terms which the writer could not have used before, at least, the beginning of his later studies.

Ignatius himself admitted this to Father Luis Gonzales: When anything resulting from my own experience seemed to me likely to be of use to others, I took note of it". Father Nadal, Ignatius's friend and contemporary, writes of the final redaction: It seems probable that the "Exercises" were completed while St.

Ignatius was attending lectures at the University of Paris. The copy of Bl. Peter Faber, written undoubtedly about the time when he followed the Exercises under Ignatius's directioncontains all the essential parts.

Moreover, some parts of the book bear their date. The final completion of the "Exercises" may be dated fromwhen a fair copy of the versio antiqua, which St. Ignatius calls "Todos exercicios breviter en latin", was made.

It may be asked how far the work of composition was carried out during the residence of the saint at Manresa. This spot, where Ignatius arrived in March,must always be considered as the cradle of the "Exercises".

The substance of the work dates from Manresa.Writing Christian Fiction: Christian Stories for Children To write saleable books for children, you need to cater to two groups of people: the kids who will read . It is an important book for anyone wishing to raise his consciousness to high spiritual levels.

Radical Changes in the Book World

It is rare to find such lucid descriptions, instructions and guidance about the higher consciousness. Just reading it can transform your consciousness and bring it to a higher dimension. Then list what aspects of spiritual growth could come out of each such experience (learning to pray more effectively, learning to bring the Good News to others, cultivating .

Jul 16,  · In this video we get into the nuts and bolts of the book proposal and some of the challenges of the Spiritual Writer. Things you need to know to get your spiritual book published.

Here are a few of the things they had to say about the books and authors they are now publishing: They want books that are the author’s life purpose. They want want authors who have a passion for their subject.

They want books that are shorter–25,, words. They want less traditional New Age topics. She makes sure to either write or quote something meaningful related to that particular book.

So it will be nice to know which book you are gifting, so that a punchy and motivational quote can be thought of.

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