Channel distribution of ikea

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Channel distribution of ikea

Though the first item you see may have been made in China, it was more likely made in Vietnam, or if it is a piece of furniture, in Europe. A new, redesigned Shanghai store opened inreplacing the original Channel distribution of ikea. IKEA opened its first Beijing store in early IKEA expects to have 10 large stores up and running in China by Important to this physical expansion, of course, is revenue expansion.

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Sales were up 50 percent in the first three months of alone. In China, IKEA currently uses suppliers and employs several hundred thousand employees, directly and indirectly. Who shops at IKEA?

Many customers are families with children or are double-income, well-educated couples with no children. But the company adapts the layout of the store, presentation of the goods, home solutions offered, and prices according to national economic and cultural conditions.

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In China, the store layouts reflect the layout of many Chinese apartments, and since many Chinese apartments have balconies, the stores even include a balcony section. Many Chinese living rooms contain a dining table as well, so dining room purchases are also common. Because Chinese kitchens are generally small, customers spend less on them.

At one time, bedroom furniture and decorations were the least popular purchases in China, perhaps because the room is the most private and thus least visible place in the home. Next year, the company plans to launch a global campaign that targets the complete bedroom.

Until recently, apartments averaged 40 m2; now Beijing and Shanghai apartments average 80 m2. This means several things: Chinese residents need more furnishings and, because consumers are buying more gadgets, they need more storage containers and facilities.

IKEA alters products to suit the needs of Chinese consumers.

Channel distribution of ikea

Many countries require slight product modifications; for example, consumers in the United States generally prefer larger items. IKEA has built its PRC stores near public transportation lines, offers local home delivery and long-distance delivery to major cities in China for a fee, maintains taxi lanes, and offers fee-based assembly services.

But the stores also need ample parking so that people can visit with their own cars in the future. The Shanghai store has almost 1, parking places.

To help Chinese customers understand the IKEA concept, the company posts in-store instructions and design advice, publishes brochures and catalogues, and operates a detailed website.

Channel distribution of ikea

For example, one in-store sign portrays an older couple whose child just moved away from home to attend college. If they want to redesign their living room they will either completely redo everything or do nothing.

IKEA wanted to convey that change can be easy, and that it is okay to make small changes, step-by-step. One advertisement shows an old man sitting on his balcony in his shorts and undershirt, while holding a bird cage and whistling to his bird. The balcony looks like a typical cement-and-tile balcony in China with plants, drying laundry, and a newspaper.

But the man is sitting in a red, modern, upholstered IKEA chair—one that is currently on sale. It has been difficult for the company to set prices at a level that is good for both customers and the company.

IKEA has been hit with heavy import taxes in China, though the company aims to relocate production of many items to China to solve this problem. The country already supplies glass, timber, textiles, hardware, plastic, and almost anything else the store needs. IKEA faces strict quotas and has difficulties importing food to its Swedish restaurant.

The company now has a food-import agent that handles all related issues, including labeling. Next year, a new distribution center will open in Shanghai that will distribute to China and Japan. Of course healthy competition is good—it makes home furnishings more popular.

Stores try to copy the IKEA concept and products, slightly change the name, slightly lower the price, and suddenly, home furnishing stores in China are blue and yellow as well.IKEA: Distribution Policy IKEA: Background & History Founded in Sweden () In a corporate VMS, one member of the distribution channel owns the other members.

Although they are owned jointly, each company in the chain continues to perform a separate task. In an administered VMS, one member of the channel is large and .

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The channel of distribution may be classified as: Selling through direct channels This is the oldest, shorter and the simple channel of distribution. The producer sells the product directly without involvement of any middle man.

Looking at the diagram above: Channel 1 contains two stages between producer and consumer - a wholesaler and a retailer. A wholesaler typically buys and stores large quantities of several producers' goods and then breaks into bulk deliveries to supply retailers with smaller small retailers with limited order quantities, the use of wholesalers makes economic sense.

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Transport operational coordinator The transport operational coordinator is the lynchpin between IKEA and its carriers, ensuring an efficient flow of goods.

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