A review of william wordsworths composed upon westminister bridge

William Wordsworth Source William Wordsworth and Composed upon Westminster Bridge Composed upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, is William Wordsworth's sonnet to the capital city of London, written before the full effects of the industrial revolution had reached the metropolis.

A review of william wordsworths composed upon westminister bridge

The cliffs are not as high as those in Switzerland, but they are rugged, and the land is settled mainly by shepherds and by isolated farmers. The valleys have long, narrow, picturesque lakes, and so the region is called the English Lake District.

William Wordsworth was born and lived much of his life among these lakes. Many of the English Romantic writers are sometimes called lake poets because of their association with this area.

Wordsworth was born in in the small town of Cockermouth in Cumberland. Although he later wrote about the lower classes, his own family was middle class, and the poet never actually worked with his hands to make his living.

His father was a lawyer who managed the affairs of the earl of Lonsdale. The poet had three brothers Richard, John, and Christopher and a sister Dorothy. For the first nine years of his life, the family inhabited a comfortable house near the Derwent River.

His mother died when he was seven. The two brothers, William and Richard, then boarded at the house of Ann Tyson while attending grammar school in the village of Hawkshead.

Apparently this arrangement was a kindly one, and the boy spent much time happily roaming the nearby fields and hills. He also profited from the teaching of his schoolmaster William Taylor, who encouraged him to write poetry.

Inhis father died and the family inheritance was tied up in litigation for some twenty years. With the help of relatives, he matriculated at St.

Although he did not earn distinction as a student, those years were fertile times for learning.

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While he was a student at St. During his summer vacation ofWordsworth and his college friend, Robert Jones, went on a walking tour across France and Switzerland to Italy. The young students were much impressed by the popular revolution and the spirit of democracy in France at that time.

Wordsworth took his degree at St. The following November, he went again to revolution-torn France with the idea of learning the French language well enough to earn his living as a tutor.

Passing through Paris, he settled at Blois in the Loire Valley.

A review of william wordsworths composed upon westminister bridge

There he made friends with Captain Michael Beaupuy and became deeply involved in French Republican thought. There, too, he fell in love with Annette Vallon, who was some four years older than the young poet.

Vallon and Wordsworth had an illegitimate daughter, Caroline, but Wordsworth returned to England alone in December,probably to try to arrange his financial affairs. In February,war broke out between France and England so that Wordsworth was not able to see his baby and her mother again until the Treaty of Amiens in made it possible for him to visit them.

His daughter was then ten years old. InWordsworth must have been a very unhappy young man: Under these conditions, he moved in politically radical circles, becoming friendly with William Godwin, Mary Wollstonecraft, and Thomas Paine. Wordsworth and his younger sister, Dorothy, were close friends.

Inthe poet benefited from a small legacy to settle with her at Racedown Cottage in Dorset, where they were visited by Mary Hutchinson and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Here a period of intense creativity occurred: Dorothy began her journal in while Wordsworth and Coleridge collaborated on Lyrical Ballads.

A review of william wordsworths composed upon westminister bridge

Dorothy and the poet spent most of their time in Goslar, where apparently he began to write The Preludehis major autobiographical work which he left unfinished at his death.

With the end of hostilities inWordsworth visited Vallon and their daughter in France, arranging to make an annual child-support payment. Upon his return to England, he married Mary Hutchinson. Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood.

Wordsworth often looked on nature as a kindly force, but the death of his brother in a shipwreck may have been a powerful contribution to his darkening vision of nature as he grew older. Inhe had a completed draft of The Prelude ready for Coleridge to read, although he was never satisfied with the work as a whole and rewrote it extensively later.

It is true that, although he wrote prolifically until his death, not much of his work after about is considered remarkable. Inhe accepted the position of distributor of stamps for Westmorland County, the kind of governmental support he probably would have scorned when he was younger.

His fame as a writer, however, grew steadily. In when his last volume, Poems Chiefly of Early and Late Years, was published, he accepted a government pension of three hundred pounds sterling per annum, a considerable sum.

Composed upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802

The next year, he succeeded Robert Southey as poet laureate of England.Although the title announces that it was ‘Composed Upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, ’, this was probably the date on which Wordsworth completed the poem, a few days after he and Dorothy had returned to London.

"Composed Upon Westminster Bridge" is a Petrarchan sonnet, as opposed to a Shakespearian sonnet or a Spenserian sonnet. Petrarch was a famous Italian . "Composed upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, " is an Italian sonnet, written in iambic pentameter with ten syllables per line.

The rhyme scheme of the poem is abbaabbacdcdcd. The poem was actually written about an experience that took place on July 31, during a trip to France with Wordsworth's sister, Dorothy Wordsworth. Composed upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, is William Wordsworth's sonnet to the capital city of London, written before the full effects of the industrial revolution had reached the metropolis.

Upon Westminster Bridge by William Wordsworth. Earth has not anything to show more fair: Dull would he be of soul who could pass by Slideshow of Wordsworth's Upon Westminster Bridge. Nov 23,  · In "Composed Upon Westminster Bridge," the poet is crossing Westminster Bridge into London during the very early morning.

Wordsworth loved .

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